Baltimore is an unusual place. From vibrant arts institutions within the same block as abandoned homes to filthy corners adjacent to beautiful cobble stoned streets steeped in history. We have charm and we have fear, we have pain and we have joy. We have huge societal and political challenges and a truly strange patchwork of people. Baltimore itself is a queer city. 

For us, 'queer' is no longer simply a synonym for, or a term used to demean, ones sexual orientation. Queer is the declaration of self as you are without apology. Queer is embracing the foreign and the strange, and charting new territory around them. Queer is many things, but above all, it's self-defining. Here at Iron Crow Theatre, we define queer as the celebration of the renegade and the unorthodox. Qualities that we believe are found in all of us. 

And so, we make queer theatre for a queer city. Queer in both content and spirit (such as gender identity or sexual orientation), and in execution (aesthetic, theatrical approach and/or convention). By developing and producing queer work, we engage in a dialogue with everyone about what it means to be Baltimorean and in turn what it means to be American. 

This campaign features the brave stories of local Baltimoreans representing a wide array of sexual orientations, gender identities, racial backgrounds and personal and familial relationships. What unites them all is a broadened definition of queer and/or an understanding of self within the queer community. Iron Crow Theatre exists for these Baltimoreans and all who identify as queer, however they choose to or why they choose to do so. 

We invite you to broaden your own definition of queer so as to be able to see a piece of your self, your friends and/or your families in the work we do at Iron Crow Theatre, both in the community and on our stages. We invite you to claim this space with us and then let’s decorate it. Because it’s going to be fabulous!

The Crows


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Photography for the Queer: Broaden Your Definition Campaign by Allyson Washington Photography. Edited for use by Iron Crow Theatre.