Yesterday afternoon, Restorative Response Baltimore (RRB) decided to cancel the community dialogue that was scheduled for this afternoon. We are deeply saddened that the actions of a few individuals on social media have prompted RRB to deem the dialogue “potentially harmful, re-traumatizing, and unsafe.” These individuals attempted to circumvent RRB’s process and procedures and have falsely represented discussions with RRB’s moderators, leading RRB to this decision. It is disheartening that these individuals were unwilling to understand and participate in the process that RRB put in place or respect their expertise as a leading organization for restorative community work. We would like to thank RRB for their services, professionalism, and stewardship.

At this point, we have done, or are currently in the process of doing, all that we said we would do in response to the events of this past spring as a proactive way of moving forward, including engaging in a private conversation facilitated by RRB with the former volunteer who initially brought forth his concerns. We have done this work in service to our community, our artists, and our future, regardless of the fact that our investigation, under the guidance of outside legal counsel, did not find any merit to the allegation of assault or harassment at Iron Crow Theatre. As an organization, we do not believe that social media is a platform conducive to discussing sensitive issues in a way that can yield positive and meaningful change. As we have already done with several members of the community, those interested in engaging in a sincere and solutions-based dialogue with the board of directors or with Mr. Elias are encouraged to reach out to us.

In the meantime, the continued bullying of those artists who still choose to both support and work with Iron Crow Theatre must stop. Our apology and deepest regret is to these artists; they and the rest of the community did nothing to deserve this. At the end of the day, supporting queer artists and their stories is what all of this volunteer work is about. We are returning to and refocusing on that work in the upcoming season, and we would love every member of the community to be a part of that.



The Board of Directors of Iron Crow Theatre