Robert flew to Baltimore a year and a half ago after getting his B.A. in Theatre. Clothes packed, books boxed, and everything he owned in a tiny studio with a futon and a mean little dog. Before he even made his move to Baltimore Robert knew he wanted to work with Iron Crow Theatre. Iron Crow Theatre embodies everything Robert wanted in a theatre: Queer. That one word boldly connected to Iron Crow Theatre's identity inspired him, and when Robert sat down for his interview, he knew he had found his new home.

Iron Crow Theatre seeks to build the queer community here in Baltimore and Robert couldn't be more honored to be given the opportunity to be a part of that. Since his first official collaboration with Iron Crow Theatre as Assistant Director for Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them Robert has looked forward to helping Iron Crow Theatre grow daily, and being awarded the position of Assistant Director of Literature & Dramaturgy and Company Coordinator feels like the best opportunity for him to help both Iron Crow Theatre, and the queer community of Baltimore grow. This opportunity will allow Robert to grow as an administrative artist deeply invested in the success of the company, while also allowing him the opportunity to be exposed to even more fantastic literature that goes beyond his traditional area of study: queer Latinidad and he can't imagine a company he would like to grow more with.