Dear Friends, Supporters, Patrons, Artists, 'Crows', and 'Crows Soon-to-Be', 

What a time it has truly been and we've only just begun! We're but halfway through our historic return season, the 16/17 Season of Dark Play, and already we've broken every record in the book. Historic indeed! Our first two musicals ever produced in almost a decade, The Wild Party and The Rocky Horror Show, have both made DC Metro Theatre Arts' Best Musicals of the Year in Professional Theatres list. This marks the first and second time this accomplishment has ever been achieved! Additionally, Baltimore City Paper just announced that The Wild Party has been recognized as #2 in their ranking of the Top 10 Stage Productions of the Year! We've seen record audiences, record sales, and record support. We've worked with (and paid) a record number of phenomenal artists and designers, and have received rave five star reviews along with phenomenal audience responses for each and every one of our productions to date. These successes are a testament to the beliefs and values we hold, the work of Baltimore's brilliant local artists and the devotion of a bold and daring leadership team. It's hard to put into words this holiday season how profoundly grateful I am for everyone who has given a piece of themselves to this theatre. 

But there’s still another half of our season left and even larger goals we strive to achieve! We have a driving mission at Iron Crow Theatre parallel to our passion and commitment to producing queer theatre for a queer city. We're hoping to fill the mid-space of this city's theatre economy. A vacancy not filled by any other theatre in Baltimore. We're looking to own a new space of our own, join Actors Equity Association, offer local actors, designers and administrators a livable wage and expand our programming to better assist and develop the next generation of theatre artists in each and every facet of this beautiful and queer art form. 

This holiday season as we look back at the success we’ve had and look forward to the success we hope to achieve, I want to take the time to give thanks to those who have helped to make it all possible. To our artists who joined us from afar or from just around the corner, to the designers who helped to bring vision and beauty to the stage, to our volunteers and interns who have sacrificed so much in service to our organization, to our Board of Directors for believing that queer theatre deserves to be professionally represented here in Baltimore, to a leadership team who have given birth to and continue to support an idea that Baltimore is worthy of a stronger and more diverse theatre economy, and most heartedly to each and everyone of our audience members for whom we truly are in existence to serve. 

So, if you haven’t been able to donate financially or through the gracious offering of your time, or if you haven't been with us for a production just yet, I hope you’ll commit to doing so in the new year. Without your support, attendance, and/or charitable contribution, Iron Crow Theatre could not exist. Here's to the second half of our historic 16/17 Season of Dark Play, and to making all of our dreams come true. 

Happiest of Holidays! 


Sean Elias 

Artistic Director and Chief Executive Officer
Iron Crow Theatre