Dear Friends, Patrons, Supporters, Crows and Crows-Soon-To-Be, 

The holidays have already arrived and for many it’s a time spent reflecting on the year that has come before. Here at Iron Crow, however, we’ve just begun. For many of us, it’s been just 5 months in role, and we’ve just finished, by many measures, what can be judged as the most successful 5 months in the theatre’s history. So this holiday season, I wanted to celebrate not only the wonderful accomplishments of the company to date but also look forward and recognize the amazing moments still to be seen. 

In this short time, Iron Crow Theatre has restructured, rebranded and reenforced. We have defined more clearly our existing roles and created new ones, all while continuing to develop the company with new strategic additions. I hope you’ve been able to take a few minutes to peruse our beautiful new website, updated frequently and full of valuable information regarding Iron Crow Theatre, the artists who share their talents with us, and the exciting events taking place right now within our community; and that you’ve also begun to recognize our new modern logo alongside the more harmonious and sleek design of our latest publicity materials. 

Iron Crow Theatre’s first production of the season achieved numerous records, beginning with the box office. Never has Iron Crow Theatre seen such momentum and strong growth in attendance, sales and demographic diversity. Our impact in the region was the most significant it’s ever been, having welcomed many of the leading educational institutions and their students to our stage as well as having hosted subject matter experts and local professionals for informational talkback sessions. Our Artistic Director, Steven J. Satta, has lauded 4.48 Psychosis as the only production in the theatre’s history to have most fully embodied the mission of the company and the reviews have been unanimous in their praise. Tim Smith from the Baltimore Sun heralded the production as ‘darkly evocative’ and “engrossing.” Iron Crow Theatre is set to secure it’s largest charitable contribution in the theatre’s history and I’m most excited to announce that our volunteer base has increased over 400%. 

But there’s still more to come! We have a world premier production opening in March by local award-winning playwright Rich Espey, followed by the first all female cast ever seen at Iron Crow Theatre in Holly Hughes’ The Well of Horniness, directed by Center Stage veteran Julianne Franz. We also have a few more surprises behind our curtains including an event you wont want to miss! 

So, this holiday season as we look back at the successes we’ve had and look forward to the success we hope to achieve, I want to take the time to give thanks to those who have helped to make it all possible. If you haven’t been able to donate financially or through the gracious offering of your time or talent, or if you couldn’t join us for 4.48 Psychosis or a talkback or special event, I hope you’ll be able to do so in the new year. Without your support, participation, attendance or engagement Iron Crow Theatre would cease to exist. Make 2015 the year you contribute and join us. 

Happiest of Holidays! 


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Sean Elias 

Executive Director 

Iron Crow Theatre