They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well it takes one to sustain both a theatre in the heart of Baltimore and the arts as a whole in this country. This is ever more a need when the art we hope to create exists to celebrate the renegade and the unorthodox. Without the partnerships, genrosity and/or memberships we hold with the organizations and local business below - Iron Crow Theatre could not exist. To all of our partners from all of us at Iron Crow Theatre, thank you for ensuring this city continues to support a vibrant arts culture. Please visit the websites below, purchase their products or utilize their services.

Work Printing and Graphics Logo

Work Printing and Graphics is a full service print shop specializing in personalized service and a fast turnaround at a very competitive price. With over 15 years print experience they can help you with all of your printing needs, from start to finish. 

Their customers range from large corporations and universities to small non-profit organizations and neighborhood associations. No matter what size the job, it is their goal to provide fast service at a great price and, more importantly, peace of mind and the knowledge that your project is in good hands.

Work Printing is Iron Crow Theatre's exclusive print provider. was founded in 2007 with a modest investment of $2000. They have made careful use of every last penny they had and, to this day, understand the importance of frugality as a virtue. They are committed to providing nicely discounted t-shirt printing and impeccable print quality.

Their high quality printing comes from years of printing experience, use of top-notch inks, and an unwavering commitment to producing well made, long-lasting products. They guarantee their prints will last wash after wash, and that their garments will come free of material defects -- or they'll redo your order from scratch.

ooshirts is Iron Crow Theatre's provider of our iconic Queer T-Shirts on sale here