It's Baltimore's only queer theatre and it's unlike any other theatre you've been apart of. You’ll be challenged and inspired, recognized and fulfilled. Overall, you’ll be proud. Because however you get involved here, you’ll be part of something big. Join us as we look to broaden our impact with our 2015 - 2016 season

submission guidelines

Iron Crow Theatre seeks to become a leader in producing and creating queer theatre in Baltimore. Queer is defined broadly, as the celebration of the renegade and the unorthodox in all of us. By developing and producing work that explores and celebrates that which is queer, we in turn engage in a dialogue about what it means to be American. As it relates to the dramatic literature of interest, queer can manifest itself through aesthetic, topic (such as gender identity or sexual orientation) and/or approach.We are looking to select a wide variety of dramatic literature for production, from short to full-length plays; comedies, dramas, and others that defy genre. We are committed to producing unique and socially challenging work from bold, theatrical voices and are looking to support the craft of both emerging and established writers. We strive to uncover meaningful new work for Baltimore and in turn, the American Theatre. Plays that we are interested in frequently share some of the following characteristics: 

Strength and depth of writing which would indicate that this is not the first draft of the play

Strong, interesting characters that offer actors something to explore, and rich relationships between the characters onstage

A compelling narrative which presents a new story, or a new take on a familiar tale

Smart, fascinating use of language

Action which befits a story told onstage, rather than on film or in print

Women and/or queer identified artists and/or creators

An exploration of diversity, queer issues, or socio-political subjects that challenge audiences and promote discussion

Lead roles for multicultural, female, and trans performers

A world, US, and/or regional premiere if staged in Baltimore, MD during the current or upcoming season


To submit, please complete the form below. Please note: due to the large volume of submissions, your work will not receive personalized feedback at this time. If your submission is of interest, a member of Iron Crow’s literary staff will be in touch directly.


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