Iron Crow Theatre is one of Baltimore's most dynamic and fastest growing theatre companies. 

It's Baltimore's queer theatre and it's unlike any other theatre you've been apart of. You’ll be challenged and inspired, recognized and fulfilled. Overall, you’ll be proud. Because however you get involved here, you’ll be part of something big. Join us as we look to broaden our impact with our 2015 - 2016 season.


Iron Crow Theatre relies on the gracious support of its community and their donation of time to sustain and expand our impact in the community. Volunteering at Iron Crow is rooted both in theatre as it is in social justice and activism. Iron Crow Volunteers support our programming and activities, provide additional resources to support the theater’s mission, and act as ambassadors of the organization. 

Looking to get involved hands on? Perfect! Provide us with more information regarding your passions and skills and we'll contact you as soon as there is an opportunity that matches your interests. From all of the Crows - we can't wait to get to work! 

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