Iron Crow Theatre is an award-winning, professional, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and Baltimore’s queer theatre.

Our Mission

Iron Crow Theatre produces queer theatre for a queer city; celebrating the renegade and the unorthodox in all of us. 

Iron Crow is the city’s only queer theater company. But what does that mean? It means amplifying the voices of LGBTQ actors and playwrights, yes, but it also means queer in the sense of pushing things beyond the limits of normal, producing visions that are off-kilter, that force audiences to see in new ways, to ask new questions about what it means to watch a show.
— Baltimore City Paper


We define queer broadly, as the celebration of the renegade and the unorthodox. Queer can manifest through aesthetic, topic (such as gender identity or sexual orientation) and/or theatrical approach or convention. By developing and producing work that explores and celebrates that which is queer, we in turn engage in a dialogue about what it means to be American. 

Who is a part of Iron Crow THEATRE?

Iron Crow Theatre has a dedicated Board of Directors comprised of industry leaders, a fiercely talented and committed volunteer administrative team, volunteer interns and a group of artists who we frequently work with called Artistic Associates. You can read more about our teams and see everyone involved in the organization here:

WHERE we work

Iron Crow currently performs at the Baltimore Theatre Project. We often partner on community events that take place throughout the city of Baltimore. 

Our Vision

We believe theatre is a forum, a place of humanistic study, where we gather to share and to learn of our universal oddity through living example. Our work questions normality, gives visibility to the underrepresented or silenced, seeks the uncomfortable truth, and challenges the expectations of others, ourselves and our art. 

When Did Iron Crow Theatre Begin?

Iron Crow Theatre was founded in the Spring of 2009 to produce an evening of theatre, dance and music in honor of Baltimore's Gay Pride celebration at the University of Baltimore's student center, called Gay Expectations.

The production brought together both local and professional artists from every discipline and various social/cultural/religious identities including Baltimore natives, foreign nationals, artists of color, Muslims, Jews, Christians and Yogis; women, men and drag queens; those who identified as queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual. Students, faculty and staff from the University of Baltimore, Towson University and the Carver Center for the Arts were also involved. 

Gay Expectations, raised more than $1,200.00 for Moveable Feast a local charity in Baltimore fostering a community that cares for men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by preparing and delivering nutritious meals and groceries and providing nutritional counseling and other services.

This production inspired the founding members to continue to work together to produce theatre in Baltimore that celebrates the renegade and the unorthodox in all of us.

Shortly after Gay Expectations, Iron Crow Theatre produced its inaugural production as a company with In Durang's Shorts. The company completed their first official season, the 10/11 Season, with productions of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Apartment 213, Swimming in the Shallows, and Love & Human Remains. 

Iron Crow Theatre continues to produce queer theatre for a queer city, celebrating the renegade and the unorthodox in all of us, at the Baltimore Theatre Project.