iron crow theatre SET TO ANNOUNCE IT’S

Simultaneously Launches the Queer: Broaden Your Definition Campaign.

BALTIMORE, Maryland - February 01, 2016: Iron Crow Theatre sets the date for its first annual, Season Announcement Event, set for Saturday, February 6, 2016 from 12:00pm - 2:00pm in historic Mt. Vernon at The Fitzgerald located at 1201 W. Mt. Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217. This invite only event features an in-depth preview of the theatre’s biggest season in history and the launch of the Queer: Broaden Your Definition campaign. Drinks, appetizers, gifts and raffles contribute to the celebration. 

“The time has come and I couldn’t be more excited to share our biggest season in history.” said Sean Elias, Iron Crow Theatre’s Artistic Director and Chief Executive Officer. “This season, ‘the season of dark play’, explores through a multitude of genres and theatrical mediums the dark game play that we all partake in, either willingly or forcefully, for pleasure or survival, within the modern American experience.” 

In addition, Iron Crow Theatre will unveil the Queer: Broaden Your Definition campaign featuring portraits and stories from Baltimore’s local queer community. 

“This campaign invites people to see, hear and experience a piece of the queer community that is very much alive here in Baltimore,” said Jeanette Wooten, Iron Crow Theatre’s Public Relations & Outreach Manager. “This is the first campaign of its kind in the theatre’s history and I believe it will have a lasting impact on increasing the visibility of both this important community and the work we do here at Iron Crow Theatre.”

To be invited to Iron Crow Theatre’s 16/17 Season Announcement Event please visit:

Iron Crow Theatre is a professional not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and Baltimore’s only queer theatre.  Iron Crow Theatre produces queer theater for a queer city and in doing so, celebrates the renegade and the unorthodox in all of us.


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