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"How many frame ups? How many shake downs? Lockouts? Sellouts? How many times machine guns tell the same old story, brother does it take to make you wise?"

Marc Blitzstein’s unabashedly anti-capitalist 1937 musical, The Cradle Will Rock, was the first musical ever shut down by the Federal Government for fear of societal revolt! A defiant indictment of capitalism and socio-political corruption, The Cradle Will Rock is as much an attack on wealth and the political power it unjustly wields, as it is an homage to those with nothing, fighting to survive. Bold, biting, and unapologetically Brechtian, The Cradle Will Rock is one of the most historically significant pieces of American theater ever to be written. Join us, as Iron Crow Theatre presents an expressionistic and highly stylized, modern restaging of Marc Blitzstein's biggest and most remembered work. 

Please note that The Cradle Will Rock explores mature themes, contains adult language, sexual content and violence. The Cradle Will Rock may not be suitable for patrons under the age of 16.


* Denotes Iron Crow Theatre Artistic Associate


Book, Music and Lyrics by Marc Blitzstein. Directed by Sean Elias and Assistant Directed/Dramaturgy by Robert Corona*. Music Directed by Mandee Ferrier Roberts. Stage Management by Gretchen Hylton* with Movement Consult provided by Quae Simpson. Costume Design by Matthew Smith with Assistant Costume Design by Danielle Harrow* Set Design by Chris Miller and Lighting Design by Janine Vreatt*. Properties Design by Emma Jo Shatto.

* Denotes Iron Crow Theatre Artistic Associate


#1 - MD Theatre's Guide Top 5 Shows of the Week 


"The direction by Sean Elias is propulsive and often clever, the cast is uniformly connected to the work’s heart..." - The Baltimore Sun

"...a spirited revival by Iron Crow Theatre...robust...dynamic..." - WYPR

"This historic musical marks an excellent beginning for Iron Crow’s 2017/18 Season of Identity. As topical today as it was 80 years ago, The Cradle Will Rock – with its superlative cast, beautifully synchronized choreography, and inspired direction by Iron Crow Artistic Director Sean Elias – must appear on your schedule for this weekend. Truly, the only complaint I have about this production is that it won’t be around for longer." - DC Metro Theater Arts

"Ably directed by Sean Elias, Iron Crow’s Artistic Director, and assisted by Robert Corona, this tight, well-paced production moves Iron Crow another step forward..." - MD Theatre Guide

"You think you’re in for a reenactment of a historical night of American theater, but then The Cradle Will Rock gets rolling and before long you’re plunged into a musical production from Iron Crow Theatre that is scarily germane and leaves you feeling rattled and exhilarated and thinking maybe you should have worn your pink pussy hat." - DC Theatre Scene

"Timeless 'Cradle' rocks at Iron Crow Theatre! A talented and enthusiastic ensemble under the solid direction of Sean Elias gives Iron Crow Theatre a welcome boost as it launches its new season." - OUTSpoken

"Iron Crow Theatre is on fire right out of the gate with its fantastic season opener, The Cradle Will Rock. Under the expert direction of Artistic Director Sean Elias, this Brechtian revival hits all the right notes – notes sadly still relevant 80 years after its Broadway opening was shut down by the federal government for fear it would incite riots." - DC Metro Theater Arts

"By the time the on-fire cast sings the last line of the show—“The cradle will ROCK!”—with fists upraised, you want to run to the streets and start a rebellion. Elias and the Iron Crow company do a fine job expressing the historical significance of the musical, but also freshly fan the flames of revolution for all Americans." - DC Theatre Scene

"From the wonderfully wacky “Honolulu” song to the rousing ensemble numbers (bracingly staged here), “The Cradle Will Rock” remains a music theater gem. It’s great that Iron Crow is giving it such thoughtful attention." - The Baltimore Sun

"Iron Crow’s production, under the dynamic direction of Sean Elias,...thrilling and moving..." - DC Theatre Scene


Friday, September 29:  8:00pm - Complimentary Opening Night Post-Performance Celebration
Saturday, September 30:  2:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday, October 01:  5:30pm
Thursday, October 05:  7:00pm - After Shows With The Crows Programming
Friday, October 06:  8:00pm
Saturday, October 07:  2:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday, October 08: 5:30pm 


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