Welcome to CrowLabs: Masterclass, a new educational initiative at Iron Crow Theatre that offers Baltimore's local artist community free access to a new type of creative laboratory — an innovative workshop experience where artistic exploration is celebrated alongside some of the nation's most renowned and accomplished theatre artists and organizations. Through exciting and dynamic masterclass experiences taught by the masters themselves, CrowLabs: Masterclass introduces Baltimore artists to new theatrical concepts, reinforces previous training, and builds connections between local artists and those from across the nation. 

Tectonic theater Project - Moment Work

In connection with Iron Crow Theatre's production of The Laramie Project and in memoriam of the 20th anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard, we invite you to join Iron Crow Theatre and the Tectonic Theater Project, the NYC-based theatre ensemble responsible for the creation of The Laramie Project, for the first ever CrowLabs: Masterclass! Emmy and Tony-award nominee and co-founder of the Tectonic Theater Project Jeffrey LaHoste, who was also one of the Laramie interviewers, joins us on Saturday, September 22nd at the Baltimore Theatre Project and invites us to explore the follow questions:

  1. How do we tell stories onstage in a way that makes the most of the particular strengths of theater as a medium?

  2. How can we utilize the many ways the elements of the stage communicate, in order to tell stories that move us emotionally, viscerally, and sensorially as well as intellectually?

Moment Work is the process developed by the Tectonic Theater Project to address these questions and the process used to create such classic works as The Laramie Project, Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, and 33 Variations. Moment Work explores the theatrical potential of all the elements of the stage (props, sound, architecture, lights, costume, etc.) in order to create strong theatrical and dramatic narratives. The technique is the Tectonic Theater Project's attempt to create theatrical narratives from the ground up — in other words, to “write performance” as opposed to “writing text.” When the Tectonic Theater Project starts work on a new play, they start with an idea, or a “hunch,” and then go into the rehearsal room to explore these beginnings through Moment Work. In this way, company members are encouraged to dream about the material they find compelling in a theatrical setting. Moment Work gives artists the freedom to create individual, self-contained theatrical units (Moments) and then sequence these units together into theatrical phrases or sentences that will eventually become a play.


10:00AM - 11:00AM