from the board of directors at iron crow theatre

Dear Members of the Iron Crow Theatre Community,

We have heard from a number of individuals in the community regarding feedback on our recent statement regarding allegations made against Iron Crow Theatre and its Artistic Director/CEO, Mr. Sean Elias. First, we apologize to anyone who felt the statement was not sufficiently forthcoming or specific, particularly regarding the additional steps we are currently taking to ensure professionalism, transparency and accountability at Iron Crow. 

We also received a number of inquiries related to why we did not release more details about our investigation into those allegations. We appreciate the inquiry. However, to ensure the integrity of the investigatory process and the security of all, we told the artists and other staff whom we interviewed that we would maintain confidentiality to the extent we could, consistent with the need to investigate and take whatever actions were deemed necessary. We fully intend to honor that commitment. Accordingly, we assure you that the investigation was thorough and impartial, but we did not and will not comment more on the specifics of the investigative process. We appreciate your understanding of the reasons for this decision.   

Although our investigation did not conclude that sexual harassment had occurred, the Board found that additional steps to ensure professional behavior in our theater environment were necessary and appropriate. These steps include, but are not limited to, expanded policies and community-derived standards related to professionalism and harassment of all types, increased training for all administrative and production staff, documented procedures for bringing grievances before the Board, a restructuring of some Board and administrative team volunteer positions, and ongoing coaching and mentoring for our leaders. 

Our intention was and has always been to engage local experts and organizations in this process wherever possible, including WeHUB and Hollaback! Baltimore (both of whom we have reached out to), and to open up all training and professional development opportunities to the community when we can. We also were sincere about holding community dialogues over the coming months as we think about how we can move forward. We want you to partner with us, and we want to hear from you. If you are interested in attending a community dialogue, please e-mail community@ironcrowtheatre.org, and we promise to be in touch.

Until then, we take our commitment to greater standards of professionalism at the theatre seriously, and insist that all volunteers in our organization uphold those standards. It was brought to our attention that a member of our organization failed to do so in a recent social media post on his personal account, for which we are truly sorry. His statements did not reflect the views of Iron Crow Theatre, and he is no longer a member of our leadership team. 

We hope you will see all of these initiatives as a sincere attempt at becoming a more welcoming and successful home for queer artists and their stories than we've ever been, and we hope that you will join us in these efforts. The artists who work with us continue to show up to rehearse, learn, grow, share and be vulnerable with each other, and they deserve our respect and full support as we all strive to be better together. 


The Board of Directors of Iron Crow Theatre