Steve Satta Founding Artistic Director Resigns. 

Sean Elias Named New Artistic Director and Chief Executive Officer. 


BALTIMORE, Maryland - July 27, 2015: Iron Crow Theatre’s Board of Directors today announced that Steve Satta has resigned as Artistic Director and the Board has named Sean Elias, previously Iron Crow Theatre’s Executive Director, as the company’s new Artistic Director and Chief Executive Officer. Steve Satta will continue to serve on Iron Crow Theatre’s Board of Directors and Sean Elias will join the Board, effective immediately. 

“Steve’s vision and leadership has been the foundation of Iron Crow Theatre since it’s inception back in 2009. It has guided Iron Crow Theatre to become one of the most recognized and sustainable small professional theatre companies in Baltimore,” said Elias. “Steve has made countless contributions to Iron Crow Theatre’s success and has attracted and inspired many of the leading artists in the region. Steve will continue to serve Iron Crow Theatre with his unique vision both on the Board of Directors and through other artistic ventures in the future. I’m honored to be entrusted with continuing his legacy and to move Iron Crow Theatre into it’s next chapter of rapid economic growth and artistic success.”

“It has been six happy and productive years serving as Artistic Director and I am proud to see that the company's reputation for quality, innovative theatre is firmly established,” said Satta. “There comes a time in the journey of every arts organization when it can benefit from fresh leadership. That time has come for Iron Crow Theatre.”

“At this time, I am equally proud to turn the leadership of the company over to Sean Elias, who has done a spectacular job as Executive Director over the past year and a half,” added Satta.

As Executive Director, Sean was responsible for the company’s internal restructuring and public rebranding as well as the organization’s sales and internal operations. Sean was also responsible for securing the largest institutional gift in Iron Crow Theatre’s history.

Iron Crow Theatre is a professional not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and Baltimore’s only queer theatre. Known as the theatre of mischief and subversion, Iron Crow Theatre celebrates the renegade and the unorthodox in all of us, reflecting the diverse stories of our community and the world in which we live. We produce and create professional new work, re-imagine well-known stories, and seek out innovative scripts. Our work ignites conversation and all voices are welcome.