A Message on professionalism
from the board of directors at iron crow theatre

Dear Members of the Iron Crow Community,

A former member of our organization recently brought concerns to the Board of Directors regarding unprofessional behavior at Iron Crow Theatre. At Iron Crow, we take any concerns of unprofessional or harassing behavior seriously, and are committed to providing our volunteer staff, artists and audiences a safe and enjoyable environment. In consultation with outside counsel, the Board investigated those concerns. We refrained from commenting publicly during that investigation to ensure the integrity of the process.

Our investigation is now concluded, and the results allow us to confirm our full confidence in our Artistic Director and CEO, Mr. Sean Elias, and the entire Iron Crow volunteer staff. Because of our commitment to the community and to every individual with whom we are fortunate and blessed to work, the Board will nonetheless use this opportunity to take additional steps to ensure professionalism, transparency and accountability around these important issues, including expanded policies and expectations related to professional behavior in our theater environment. 

Additionally, because we value our strong ties to the Baltimore queer community that sustains and nourishes us, we plan over the coming months to engage in dialogue with members of the theater community and with professional organizations in Baltimore to hear your voices and your suggestions on how we can work better together as we move forward. 

It is our sincere hope that these actions and your continued help and support will allow Iron Crow to remain a welcoming and a successful home for queer artists and their stories for years to come. 


The Board of Directors of Iron Crow Theatre