A letter from steve satta.

To The Entire Iron Crow Theatre Community. 


Dearest "Crows", 

It has been six happy and productive years for me serving as Artistic Director of Iron Crow Theatre.  I am proud to see that the company's reputation for quality, innovative theatre serving the LGBT community is firmly established, and even prouder that many of our "alums" have gone on to thriving professional careers in other cities and other venues, and many are in competitive MFA programs.

There comes a time in the journey of every arts organization when it can benefit from fresh blood and fresh leadership.  That time has come for Iron Crow.  I have also come to a moment when other challenges and responsibilities call me, both in my personal life and in my professional duties at Towson University, especially our newly launched B.F.A. in Acting program.

At this time, I am equally proud to turn the leadership of the company over to Sean Elias, who has done a spectacular job as Executive Director for the last year and a half.   

I will remain connected to Iron Crow Theatre as an advisor and artist, of course, but look forward to this new era in its development.

Steve Satta