Thoughts on campaign photography

Iron Crow Theatre has always paid its artists and such statement holds true today. It is a value we take pride in and refuse to compromise on, even in the face of financial uncertainty. Iron Crow Theatre’s entire administrative staff is comprised of dedicated and talented professionals who willingly give their time and efforts to the growth of this organization without any monetary compensation. This is entirely in service of being able to provide our artists--be them performers, designers or photographers--with the modest stipend we are capable of offering. 

Iron Crow Theatre is an organization that prides itself on doing what is right. Sometimes, what is right is not popular opinion. But then again, being queer in and of itself is outside that which is popular. Regardless, this organization will not be bullied. We will continue to stand for what we believe is fair, earned and just.

Professionalism is also a core value of ours. From members of the press, recent artists we've partnered with just last week at our 16/17 Season Announcement Event, and the theatrical community from Washington, DC to New York City, such praise is unanimous. Thus, we will not engage publicly regarding a professional and private matter with a single vendor. We wish others shared in this value.

We are proud of the Queer: Broaden Your Definition education campaign, and thankful for the community members who participated in it. 

For those of you with specific concerns regarding the photography related to this education campaign, I encourage you to speak with me directly. You can contact me via email at


Sean Elias
Artistic Director and Chief Executive Officer
Iron Crow Theatre