"...poking holes in any attempt to use gender or sexuality as a basis for making assumptions about a human being."

The play...makes a sound, it breaks the silence with laughter, it attempts to place a mark on the landscape of lesbian desire, a landscape that seemed to lack any other landmark, except for Radclyffe Hall’s 'The Well of Loneliness.'

Under Franz’ direction Iron Crow’s production recognizes that the “full-throated scream” is played for laughs, but they’re not afraid of the darkness that lurks somewhere behind it.

- Bret McCabe for Bmore Art

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At just under an hour, Holly Hughes’ 1983 play runs start to finish without stopping to take a breath: the whirlwind plot twists, rapid costume and scene changes, and barrage of crude jokes and sexual innuendoes afford the play an old-school, sitcom-like quality.

Characters play out the action while the narrator speaks over them, and the old-fashioned sound effects of clinking glasses and rustling newspapers add to the play’s manic energy.

- Carley Milligan for City Paper

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"Go ahead. It’s okay to scream with laughter and stomp your feet."

Though short by Shakespearean standards, this play is howlingly funny as it exploits every lesbian stereotype and cliché known to (wo)man...32 years later, it is still as OMG funny, and refreshingly pugnacious and shocking as it was then.

The play is short and deliberately overacted, as if it was an extended Saturday Night Live skit or a one-hour comedy series show.

- Wendi Winters for DC Metro Theatre Arts

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Director Julianne Franz, writer Holly Hughes, and a stellar cast have created a production that’s kind of a Turing Test for friendships – if you’re sitting next to me and not laughing, GTFO out of my life.  There’s really nothing better than a group of smart, awesome women making genital jokes.  

This show is as priceless as a golden plated vag and has balllz for dayyyz. Go now!

-Anonymous for The Bad Oracle

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"If you're in the mood for raunchy hilarity, leave grandma with the kids at home and come..."

The Well of Horniness, the current production playing at Theatre Project, has madcap motion, familiar characters, sexy action sequences/active sex sequences and clever, punny wordplay for ninety minutes front to back.

It's funny, raunchy, ridiculous...Go. Take your popcorn. 

-Cybele Pomeroy for Broadway World: Baltimore

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